General checkup & Clean

Keep Your Best Asset Healthy with Regular Dental Check Ups in Gosford

It’s true – your smile is one of your most important assets! It can be enigmatic, enchanting and even demure, but whichever way you look at it, maintaining a beautiful healthy smile takes work. This means a combination of regular visits to our Gosford dentist for a general dental check-up and practising good oral care at home.

Benefits of general checkup & clean

Prevention of dental problems

Regular checkups and cleanings help to identify any dental issues early on before they become more serious and more costly to treat.

Fresher breath

Dental cleanings can also help to eliminate bad breath caused by plaque and tartar buildup. After a cleaning, your mouth will feel fresher and cleaner.

Early detection of oral cancer

During a dental checkup, your dentist will also check for signs of oral cancer. Early detection is key to successful treatment, and routine checkups can help catch this disease in its early stages.

Improved overall health

Good oral health is linked to better overall health. Regular dental checkups and cleanings can help to prevent dental problems that can lead to more serious health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Removal of plaque and tartar

Even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar can still build up on your teeth over time. A professional dental cleaning can remove this buildup, which can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.


Routine dental checkups and cleanings are generally less expensive than more extensive dental treatments. By staying on top of your oral health with regular checkups and cleanings, you can save money on dental care in the long run.

How we done your
general checkup & clean

Review of medical history



Advice on proper dental hygiene

Follow Up


Make appointments to maintain good oral health and prevent potential dental problems.