Restore Your Smile with Dental Crowns at Gosford Dental Excellence

Did you know that approximately 1.4 million dental crowns are placed annually in Australia?

 If you have a tooth that is decaying, fractured, or worn and needs replacing, you are not alone. At Gosford Dental Excellence, we specialise in providing patients with dental crowns that will enhance your smile.

We can fix your broken, damaged, or missing teeth using state-of-the-art techniques and supplies.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Safeguarding Both Healthy and Beautiful Teeth

A crown safeguards not only a tooth’s intrinsic structure but any previous aesthetic work.  As an illustration, consider dental implants, in which a replacement tooth crown is attached to a screw using an abutment. A crown is placed over the implant to add an extra layer of security.

A Modular Approach to Care

A crown safeguards dental work including root canals, veneers, and implants. A crown can protect a decaying tooth until the patient can afford to replace it with more permanent dental work.

Developing a Better Bite

A dental crown can restore the patient’s ability to chew. The crown prevents food from becoming caught between the tooth and the crown. Teeth that are damaged or misaligned can also benefit from crowns.

Keeping Your Teeth Safe

You should get a crown if you see any signs of wear and tear on your teeth. It will protect your teeth against discolouration, staining, misaligned teeth, fractures, and chips.

The Durability of Crowns

If you take good care of your crown and the tooth it covers, it should survive for many years.


Crowns can repair a wide range of damage, from chips and cracks to extensive decay and even teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. Their use is also for dental bridges and implants to replace missing teeth.

Details of
Dental Crowns

Choosing dental crowns

Preparing the tooth

Taking a mouth digital scan

Placing the dental crown

Examination for comfortable fit


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