Low Radiation CT Scanning

Safely Getting to the Root of the Problem with Low Radiation CT Scanning!

In certain situations, standard dental X-rays may have limitations. Consequently, your dentist may advise a specific procedure such as low radiation CT scanning to address these limitations.

Although “computed tomography” (CT) may sound intimidating, it’s been in use within the dental industry for the past decade. CT scans give the dentist an internal image of the mouth, much like traditional X-rays. The similarities end there because CT scanning is vastly superior in every way, to the point where it’s one of the most significant and fascinating advances in dental diagnosis and treatment planning in a very long time

Merits of Low Radiation CT Scanning

Reduced radiation exposure

Low Radiation CT scanning techniques, such as iterative reconstruction and tube current modulation, reduce the amount of radiation exposure to patients. The procedure is significant for patients requiring frequent scans, such as those with chronic conditions or cancer surveillance.

Increased patient comfort

Low Radiation CT scanning can be more comfortable for patients, reducing the time they need to spend in the scanner. Children and claustrophobic patients particularly benefit from this less invasive option.

Improved diagnostic accuracy

Low Radiation CT scanning can provide improved diagnostic accuracy by reducing image noise and artifacts, which can interfere with the interpretation of the images. This can result in better identification and characterisation of abnormalities.

Reduced risk of side effects

Low Radiation CT scanning can reduce the risk of side effects associated with radiation exposure, such as radiation-induced cancers or skin burns.


Low Radiation CT scanning can be cost-effective, especially in cases where frequent scanning is required. Patients can avoid unnecessary healthcare costs and reduce their overall medical expenses by reducing radiation exposure and the need for repeat scans.

Greater accessibility

Low Radiation CT scanning is becoming more widely available. This means that patients can benefit from the advantages of low-radiation CT scanning without travelling to specialised facilities.


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